Training and Development
Access to GW

Good salary and fair merit, promotion system to respond contribution. Guaranteed payroll of 14 months per year (including Chinese New Year bonus for 1 month, Dragon Boat Festival bonus for 0.5 month, Moon Festival bonus for 0.5 month) and profit distribution for employees.

We care
Care with sincerity

Overtime pay, full-atttendance bonus, annual bonus,birthday allowance

Weekend of two days 、 paternity leave 、 maternity leave 、 menstruation leave

Labor insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, life insurance, group insurance for emplyee and famliy, health examination, condolence, special insurance for business trip

Employee restaurant 、 meal delayed allowance


Parking space or parking subsidy

Domestic and abroad travel allowances

Wedding subsidy, birth subsidy, training, retirement plan (pension abd retirement benefit), funeral condolence

Retirement Policy:


Two types for retirement: voluntary and mandatory.
Voluntary retirement: work over 15 years and reach age 55, or work over 25 years, or work over 10 years and reach age 60
Mandatory retirement: Staff who reaching age 65 since May 14th, 2008 or being insanity, physically disabled for work, the company can perform mandatory retirement.



Years of service calculation: start on the date of employment, except military service, position retained without pay should be deducted.



Pension payment standards:
Old System: Two units of radix shall be given when reaching one service year. One unit shall be given annually when reaching 15 service years, yet the maximum is 45. Service under 6 months is considered as one half year; service over 6 months is considered as one year. Any labor subjected to mandatory retirement, such as insanity or handicapped due to work injury, whose units of radix will be calculated according to above regulation with 20% plus.
New system: Labor who chooses new system after 2005.7, whose service year before that shall be calculated according to old system; while after that, new system.


4. Employment after 2005.7 shall be calculated according to new system. (Employer shall allocate 6% of salary into personal account in Bureau of Labor Insurance)

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