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In GlobalWafers, not only partnership colors your career life, various activities also unite colleagues and families. These interesting events are waiting for you to create memory with us!

2015/10 2015 QIT Competition

2014/09 2014 Blood Donation

2014/09 QIT Competition

2014/09 GWC Birthday Party

2013/09 Mookcake Donation

2013/07 Blood donation

2013/02 Yearend Party

2013/01 Remarkable Senior Employee Award Ceremony

2013/01 Blood donation

2012/12 Dream come true program

2012/09 Mookcake Donation
Annual mooncake donation to share joy and grace with the minority.

2012/06 Blood donation

2012/01 Yearend Party
Yearend Party

2011/12 Dream come true program

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