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07.2018 Passed Year 2017 Science Park R&D Intensive Industry-Academia Cooperation Project. Development of excellent dynamic and high breakdown voltage performance by using 6 inch E-mode GaN on Novel SOI HEMT technology.
04.2018 Top 20% of Corporation Governance Award of the fourth term from Securities and Futures Institute
01.2018 Triple A Country Award Taiwan 2017– Best GDR by The Asset
12.2017 2017 Merge and Acqusition Award from MAPECT
06.2017 The Front End Direct Materials Supplier of the Year Award from ONSEMI
05.2017 Paid-in capital increase to NTD 4,372,500,000 via GDR issuance
05.2017 The Outstanding Cooperation Supplier Award from HHGrace
04.2017 Top 20% of Corporation Governance Award of the third term from Securities and Futures Institute
12.2016 GlobalWafers Successfully Consummates Acquisition of SunEdison Semiconductor
08.2016 Occupational Safety and Health System OHSAS 18001:2007 certificated
08.2016 ISO 14001:2015 Certified
08.2016 TOSHMS/CNS 15506:2011 Certified
07.2016 The acquisition for the semiconductor business of Topsil Semiconductor Materials A/S in Denmark (“Topsil”) had been successfully completed on July 1
04.2016 2015 Best Supplier Award From Texas Instrument
09.2015 List on TPEx on September 25, 2015
09.2015 Paid-in capital increase to NTD 3,692,500,000
04.2015 Listing application on TPEx
01.2015 Paid-in capital increase to NTD 3,492,500,000
10.2014 Emerging Stock Listing
09.2014 IPO
07.2014 TS16949:2009 Quality Assurance Certificate granted
12.2013 2013 Occupational Health initial mark certified by Ministry of Health and Welfare
12.2013 Taiwan Intellectual Property Management System (TIPS ) Certificate approved
08.2013 ISO14001 certified
04.2012 GlobalWafers acquired all the semiconductor silicon wafer related business in the subsidiaries of the Japanese Covalent Materials Corp.
10.2011 Formal establishment of GlobalWafers Co., Ltd. (carved out from SAS semiconductor business unit)

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