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Shareholder Meeting Resolutions

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Rules and Procedures of Shareholders’ Meeting

Article 1
Unless otherwise provided for in applicable laws and regulation, Shareholders' Meeting of the Company (the "Meeting") shall be conducted in accordance with these Rules and Procedures.
Article 2
The votes at a shareholders' meeting may be exercised in either written or electronic format in accordance with the Company Law and related regulations. Shareholders (hereinafter referred to as the representative or proxy appointed by shareholders) who attend the Meeting shall hand in an attendance card at the meeting in lieu of signing in and shall be regarded as the ones(shareholders or deputy persons) who attend the Meeting in person. The Company will not take the responsibility of identification.
Article 3
The attendance and voting shall be calculated in accordance with the shares.
Article 4
The Meeting shall be held at the head office of the Company or at any other appropriate place that is convenient for the shareholders to attend. The time to start the Meeting shall not be earlier than 9:00 a.m. or later than 3:00 p.m.
Article 5
The Meeting shall be convened by the Board of Directors (“BOD”) and the Chairperson of BOD shall be the Chairperson presiding at the Meeting. If the Chairperson of BOD cannot preside at the Meeting for any reason, the Vice Chairperson of BOD shall preside at the Meeting. If the Company does not have Vice Chairperson of the BOD or the Vice Chairperson of the BOD cannot fulfill his/her duty for any reason, the Chairperson of the BOD shall appoint a deputy person. If the Chairperson of BOD does not appoint a deputy person, the Directors shall elect one Director as the deputy person. If the Meeting is convened by any other person entitled to convene the Meeting, such person shall be the Chairperson to preside at the Meeting.
Article 6
The Company may appoint designated counsel, CPA or other related persons to attend the Meeting. Persons handling affairs of the Meeting shall wear identification cards or badges.
Article 7
The process of the Meeting shall be tape recorded or videotaped and these tapes shall be preserved for at least one year.
Article 8
Chairperson shall call the Meeting to order at the time scheduled for the Meeting. If the number of shares represented by the shareholders present at the Meeting has not yet constituted the quorum at the time scheduled for the Meeting, the Chairperson may postpone the time for the Meeting. The postponements shall be limited to two times at the most and Meeting shall not be postponed for longer than one hour in the aggregate. If after two postponements no quorum can yet be constituted but the shareholders present at the Meeting represent more than one-third of the total outstanding shares, tentative resolutions may be made in accordance with Paragraph 1 of Article 175 of the Company Law. If the quorum is constituted during the process of the Meeting, the Chairperson may submit the aforesaid tentative resolution to the Meeting for approval in accordance with Article 174 of the Company law.
Article 9
The agenda of the Meeting shall be set by the Board of Directors if the Meeting is convened by the Board of Directors. Unless otherwise resolved at the Meeting, the Meeting shall proceed in accordance with the agenda. The provision above applies mutatis mutandis to cases where the Meeting is convened by any person, other than the Board of Directors, entitled to convene such Meeting. Unless otherwise resolved at the Meeting, the Chairperson cannot announce adjournment of the Meeting before all the discussion items (including special motions) listed in the agenda are resolved. The shareholders cannot designate any other person as Chairperson and continue the Meeting in the same or other place after the Meeting is adjourned. However, in the event that the Chairperson adjourns the Meeting in violation of these Rules and Procedures, the shareholders may designate, by a majority of votes represented by shareholders attending the Meeting, one person as Chairperson to continue the Meeting.
Article 10
When a shareholder (or deputy person) presents at the Meeting wishes to speak, a Speech Note should be filled out with summary of the speech, the shareholder's number (or the number of Attendance Card) and the name of the shareholder. The sequence of speeches by shareholders should be decided by the Chairperson. If any shareholder (or deputy person) present at the Meeting submits a Speech Note but does not speak, no speech should be deemed to have been made by such shareholder. In case the contents of the speech of a shareholder are inconsistent with the contents of the Speech Note, the contents of actual speech shall prevail. Unless otherwise permitted by the Chairperson and the shareholder in speaking, no shareholder shall interrupt the speeches of the other shareholders; otherwise the Chairperson shall stop such interruption.
Article 11
Unless otherwise permitted by the Chairperson, each shareholder shall not, for each discussion item, speak more than two times (each time not exceeding 5 minutes). In case the speech of any shareholder violates the above provision or exceeds the scope of the discussion item, the Chairperson may stop the speech of such shareholder.
Article 12
Any legal entity designated as proxy by a shareholder(s) to be present at the Meeting may appoint only one representative to attend the Meeting. If a corporate shareholder designates two or more representatives to attend the Meeting, only one representative can speak for each discussion item.
Article 13
After the speech of a shareholder, the Chairperson may respond himself/herself or appoint an appropriate person to respond.
Article 14
The Chairperson may announce to end the discussion of any resolution and go into voting if the Chairperson deems it appropriate.
Article 15
Except otherwise specified in the Company Law, a resolution shall be adopted by a majority of the votes represented by the shareholders present at the Meeting. If no objection is voiced after solicitation by the Chairperson, the resolution shall be deemed adopted and shall have the same effect as if it was voted. The person(s) to check and the person(s) to record the ballots during a vote shall be appointed by the Chairperson. The person(s) checking the ballots shall be a shareholder. The result of voting shall be announced at the Meeting and placed on record.
Article 16
During the Meeting, the Chairperson may, at his discretion, set time for intermission.
Article 17
Except otherwise specified in the Article of Incorporation of the Company, a resolution shall be adopted by a majority of the votes represented by the shareholders present at the Meeting.
Article 18
If there is amendment to or substitute for a discussion item, the Chairperson shall decide the sequence of voting for such discussion item, the amendment or the substitute. If any one of them has been adopted, the others shall be deemed vetoed and no further voting is necessary.
Article 19
The Chairperson may conduct the disciplinary officers (or the security guard)to assist in keeping order of the Meeting place. Such disciplinary officers (or security guards) shall wear badges marked "Disciplinary Officers" for identification purpose.
Article 20
Matters not covered by these rules shall be handled in accordance with the provisions of the law.
Article 21
These Rules and Procedures shall be effective from the date it is approved by the Shareholders' Meeting. The same applies in case of revision.
Article 22
The Rules and Procedures were enacted on June 27, 2012.

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